Soul Lifting Academy

Our Classes

Our extra curriculum activities includes Music, Arts and Craft, Dance, Poetry and Drama. These activities are practiced at the Soul-Lifting Academy on a weekly basis and also in the school’s extra curricular club.

Explorers Expressions Club

This is an Expressions Club for Children and Teenagers from ages 3-15 years which they are open to making any choice of their interest in Musical Instruments Training and any of the available Performing Art Activities such As Dance, Craft or Drama

Rock-a-bye Baby Club

This is a club for Nursing Mothers of babies of 6weeks old and above. This club is for mothers who desire to find their expressions as nursing mothers.

Fit Steps

This is a dance workout sessions for adults who want to find expressions in Dance and also loose some body fat along side.

Private Tutoring

Soul Lifting Academy has seasoned teachers for private Tutoring in musical instruments training, Voice training, dance etc.

Music Theory/Practical Examination Club

 This is a club for preparing children and Adults to write or participate in Local and International Examination Bodies such as MUSON, ABRSM, Trinity, London etc

Online Classes

Soul lifting Academy also offers online classes for Music Instrument, Dance, Poetry, Art and Craft training to young children and adult.